Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Details of our upcoming return to Nepal...

(The first photo is during a presentation to Kathmandu community members. The photo of the boy in the green shirt is Krish, one of the students we worked with in 2009. He's such a sweet boy!)
Nepal 2011
During our trip to Nepal in July 2011 we are focusing on "training the trainers". In Kathmandu, the trainers (aka service providers) are also the parents of the children who have autism. There are currently no school programs and very few professionals who have the training it takes to provide the appropriate intervention that these kiddos need. Families still have difficulty even getting a diagnosis of autism in Nepal and typically have to go to India. Children who have autism are often still ostracized in their own community. Please take a moment to read some short articles about Autism Care Nepal, the organization comprised of parents who we are continuing to work with (we started working with them during our first KfP trip in 2009):

Article #2

We will be providing extensive training to 30 parents in the areas of communication, sensory integration, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Floortime/DIR, and we will be assisting them with organizing the center (ACN) so that it is in line with the TEACCH model. Parents will be divided into three groups, with one of the groups being an "advanced" group for parents who have already had some basic training.

We will also be conducting presentations in the community about autism to hopefully gain more acceptance and understanding of the disorder.

We are still in need of donations. You can donate here or by going to the Knowledge for People website and clicking on the green "donate" button in the middle of the page. Thank you!

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