Monday, July 2, 2012

The Training Continues...

After the 2 day weekend break, we are back in work mode! Yesterday was another successful training day the Program Supervisors at the Maldives Autism Association continue their advanced training focusing on autism diagnostic assessment, program planning, evaluation, and consultation. They are eager to learn and are picking it up very quickly!

There is a waiting list of 35 families at the Maldives Autism Association and many of the children (and their parents) are not receiving any services at all. As a result, we are doing educational consultations with those parents. Yesterday, Nicole and Heather did a consultation with a mother and her 8-year-old son. The mother told them that she has been taking her son to India every 6 months for 10 days each time to try to learn how to become his service provider. She said that she learned more from Heather and Nicole in two hours than she has ever learned during her trips to India. We are very relieved that the session was so beneficial to her! At the same time, we are sad that she has gone so long without this valuable information for her child...and that was just a sliver of what she could learn! We believe that the people teaching her in India are truly doing the best they can, but this is another example of how there is such a great need for training programs like Knowledge for People provides. We are confident that at the end of our training, the Maldives Autism Association will be able to provide this knowledge to current and future families who they serve!

Tomorrow, Young and I will be visiting a school in which they have 3 classrooms for children who have special needs. In addition, we have been invited to have dinner at the home of the president of the Maldive's! We are very excited, to say the least :)


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